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Building Blocks - Dinosaur 168 pc

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Building Blocks - Dinosaur 168 pc

The chase is on!

The Dinosaur Building Blocks Set is ideal for kids who absolutely love prehistoric adventures! Use your imagination and create new scenes or recreate classic scenes from dinosaur movies with this set. Keep a close eye on the gates, there's a T. rex on the loose! Help watch over the baby dinosaur and the eggs. Lower the robot arm with the attached hot dog to distract the T rex from the fence, then load up the eggs in the back of the truck, open the gates and speed to safety! This set features 2 Starter Brick bases, a movable robot arm and attached breakaway fence section. In addition a small science station with case, screen as well as a small fenced area.

Product Features:

  • 168 pc
  • Includes 4 figures
  • Features 2 Starter Brick bases, a movable robot arm and attached breakaway fence section 
  • Includes a truck with Starter Brick chassis, opening back and room for a crate, plus a posable, buildable T rex with opening jaw
  • Accessory elements include 2 dinosaur eggs, box, tranquilizer gun, stick, 2 walkie-talkies and a hot dog
  • T rex measures approx. 11cm (H) 28cm(L) 6cm(W)
  • Truck measures approx. 6cm(H) 9cm(L) 4cm(W) 
  • Main gate with fence measures approx. 14cm(H) 22cm(W) 11cm(D)
  • Science station measures approx. 7cm(H) 8cm(W) 4cm(D) 
  • No batteries required
  • Age 5 years +

Why are building blocks great for kids?

Building blocks help encourage and enhance problem-solving from a young age as well as integrate their own constructions into pretend play scenarios. Studies suggest they can help kids develop motor skills, hand-eye coordination and spatial skills. In addition, build their capacity for creative, divergent thinking as well as social skills.


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